After successful accreditation in 2020, the study of the Game Design study plan was opened for the first time at the FTF of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.

The Game Design study plan is one of the 11 study programs of the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. It allows you to study in a three-year bachelor's degree. In the case of accreditation of the master's degree of Game Design in the near future, it will be possible to continue the study in the eponymous master's degree program after three years of study or the student will have the opportunity to continue in a related visual effects study plan accredited at all three degrees.

The study is based on the implementation of a number of professional exercises, which from the first to the last year of study document the professional growth of students in game design and other areas related to virtual reality, visual effects, video mapping, advertising space, film and video production media space.

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