2012 - 2017       FTF VŠMU, Bratislava, Vizuálne efekty, Mgr.
2000 - 2008       Gymnázium Štefana Moyzesa, Moldava nad Bodvou

2014                   CG LEAD & ART DIRECTOR, BLUE FACES
2018                   EXTERNAL LECTURER, Hemisféra - Level up.
2014                   CEO & ART DIRECTOR, REMBROSOFT, Games for iOS and Android - Nuclear War, Job Restaurant, Medieval Generals (In production), PC game - Colonize (In production)
2011 - 2014        Freelancer. Klienti: 2bugs, archiMEDES, Banzai Interactive, Blue Faces, Digital Art Force, Giant Propeller, Grip Games, Lightning Beetle, Realview, ROXX Swiss, Studio 727, Tox Production,The Easy Company, UPC, YIT.
2009 - 2010        Senior 3D artist    Games Farm
2007 - 2008        3D artist, Datacrea.

Výber profesionálnych projektov

2018               Blue Faces, Asura, Asura is a Chinese epic fantasy film based on Buddhist mythology. It is the directorial debut of stunt coordinator Peng Zhang. I was lead of 10+ people inhouse in the 3D department. Preparing and developing workflows.

2017                Giant Propeller, Free the Nigh, In this game I worked directly in a studio in Los Angeles, it was a beautiful rest from Slovakia and an interesting project. I was in charge of setting up the techniques for creating graphics for the game.

2017                Blue Faces. Lil Dicky - Pillow Talking. 10 minutes long music video for American rapper Lil Dicky. We have been working on creating VFX. All shots and animations for several months. I worked as a manager and a lead 3D artist.

2015               Blue Faces. Hardcore Henry. We worked on several shots, mainly particle effects and smoke simulations. Connecting shots for seamless experience for the audience.

2017              VŠMU Bratislava. Workflows and creating VFX for films and their application. My thesis publication about the movie - One little joke - is about pipelines for movies and managing files for small groups of artists. Clear name conventions and preparing pipelines for every possible situation.

2015               VŠMU Bratislava. Grimmies. This short film was created to 3D environments. Ľubomír Timko and Adam Duša took team up and take care of the direction and VFX.